Duorol - The next evolution of roller blinds

Duorol blinds add a stylish and modern look to any window.

The Duorol is a 'double roller blind'. Its effect comes from shifting fabric stripes up and down past each other. When the two transparent bars line up, light gets through and when the fabric lines up, it blocks out light. Positions in between allow varying amounts of light through into your room.

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60 - 220cm 50 - 220cm
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Is your blind going into a window recess?
Is your blind to fit inside a window recess, or is it being fitted to the wall to cover the recess? See our measuring guide for more information.

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Would you like the electric, remote control version?
The electric version is powered by an integrated battery and operated by remote control. The battery lasts for around a year. Please note that the battery cannot be recharged, it must be replaced (at a cost of around £36 at time of writing). The electric version does not feature a chain and so cannot be manually operated once the battery has depleted.

Manual chain

Battery & remote operated
(+ £207.43 including a remote)

Looking out, where should the chain be?

Chain on left

Chain on right
Chain Colour

Fabric Alignment


Includes VAT, a 3 year warranty and free UK mainland delivery

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5stars out of 5

5stars out of 5
Order acknowledged. Delivery on time

5stars out of 5
Very prompt delivery plus friendly and helpful after Sales service.

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A genuine 1st class service.

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After we received our order we needed some advice which we got straight away with no hassle, Excellent

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Very fast and efficient service.

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Excellent service. Delivery was on time. Everything was present and correct, very well packed and in perfect condition.

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Excellent product and service

5stars out of 5
Easy to order, very fast delivery and helpful telephone support - what more could you ask for?!

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1st class service. Prompt, efficient, courteous and good value. Thanks

How much do they cost?

Get an exact price above, tailored to your measurements and choices. You can then buy securely online from this website.

What is the delivery time once ordered?

After placing the order delivery for your completely custom blind is just 7 - 10 days.

What is the delivery cost?

All delivery to the UK mainland is free. If you're outside of the UK mainland and are interested in purchasing a Duorol blind, please get in touch on 01543 279996. (We answer the phone as Haywoods Contracts, as we are appointed UK suppliers of Duorol and operate this website).

What kind of warranty do Duorol blinds come with?

All Duorol blinds come with a 3 year warranty. If your blinds develops a technical fault during this time, get in touch with us and we will arrange a repair for you.